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Adidas Zonyk Pro: High Performance
Sunglasses Ideal On The Bike, On The Run

By Sean Call, Publisher

The Zonyk Pro line of glasses are Adidas’ new big punch into the high-end active eyewear market. They are a full-frame, wide lens option that offers unmatched peripheral and center vision.

Most notably, this new line features brilliant technological advances and multiple color selections.


I wasn't sure I would be a fan of glasses with big lenses! However, the Zonyk Pro and its wide field of vision proved an asset on the run, cycling on the road, and especially mountain biking. They efficiently filter out light and offer a consistent clear view, which is a high priority for me while riding.

The Zonyk Pro includes a removable sweat blocker. This is huge for me specifically, as sweat can pour down into my eyes (especially in the summer months).


Additional lenses are available to snap into the Zonyk Pro to offer other features like polarization, fixed sunshading, or additional anti-fogging for a variety of weather conditions. They even are available with a clip-in insert for prescription lenses -- striking a good balance between performance and looks.


One thing I appreciated up front about the Adidas Zonyk Pro sunglasses was the ability to personalize the fit with the new lens lock system. First, the glasses are available in two sizes, small and large to accommodate narrow/small and wide faces. I found this handy since no amount of adjustability will fix a fit that is too narrow or wide for your face -- and other manufacturers will often direct you to another model.

For me, they felt comfortable right from the start. All I really did was adjust the height of the ear pieces a little, and they were perfect. The arms have three positions -- low, medium and high. These adjust the angle that the glasses rest on your face.

I was afraid the bulky shape may split my opinion, but I was quickly sold on them after just two outings!

I can confidently recommend the Adidas Zonyk (Pro) to the dedicated runner or rider. Beyond their durability, the adjustability and fantastic lens makes the Zonyk an absolute "no brainer" if you are looking to upgrade your sunglasses and get the best from your gear -- regardless of your level of activity.

These functional sunglasses feature TriFit temples, double-snap nose bridge, and the new lens lock system for quick and easy customization.

Adidas Zonyk Pro Features:

- Clearer Vision: Wide frame lens
- Easy Setup: Lens Lock System™
- Unique Fit: TRI.FIT™ temples
- Comfort: Double-Snap Nose Bridge™
- Sweat-Free: Detachable foam bar
- Customizable: Compatible with prescription lenses
- Available in sizes Small & Large
- MSRP: from $209.00

Click here for details and find a retailer near you.

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